Saturday, November 26

Motorola w/ iTunes what more could you want

Now you've gotta feel sorry for all the poor saps who ran out to buy the Motorola Rokr E1 Which ended up just being a re-release of their crappy E398 phone with iTunes installed. Why in the hell would you want one of those when you could get one of these babies, what you think it's too big to fit your pocket well then your pockets are too small get new pants. I am tempted to replace my N-gage with one of these, i think i'd look pretty stylish carrying this one.
(Just came across this pic in my random searches, here's the original source )
Anyway, im stuck at work at the moment, i'm waiting for one of the guys to finish in a meeting so i can hassle him for the images i need so i can finish up the newsletter i am working on. I managed to prepare all the pictures i had available, set up a layout and begin putting together the final copy but their meeting is taking too long (what's the bet they'll have another meeting straight after this one). Ok i gotta get back to work or i'll be here all day.

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