Tuesday, December 13

Interesting sites this week

Pandora - helps you discover more music that you'll like.
NES Stuff - Some guy with a fair bit of time on his hands has hacked his NES.
Web2.0 Validator - Claims to be able to tell you how web2.0 a site is.
ePassportPhoto - Valid passport photo’s made online.
Snarf-it: How to Remove Vocals - A guide on how to remove vocals from music.
Wayback Machine - An internet archive: see your favorite sites as they used to be.
Favicon - Create a favicon.ico for your site.
Public Domain Torrents - With downloading movies being slowly blocked online, someone has been smart enough to put up a list of Public Domain (that means free to download) movies and shows.
Portable Apps - A growing list of portable Apps for your USB flashdrive.
RSStroom Reader - Interesting device it would probably sell if someone actually made it.
Japanese Case Mod
Escher’s “Relativity” in Lego - Someone has taken the time to recreate this famous artwork with Lego, Brilliant.
The Best Web2.0 Software of 2005 - Simply put this guy has gathered info on the best of Web2.0 and compiled this list showing us what’s available.
Liveplasma - Type in a band/movie that you like and Liveplasma will show you a map of similar bands/movies, good way to find new things to listen to/watch.
Coverpop - An awesome new way to shop
Pac-Lan - Now this is gaming of the future… almost.

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