Thursday, September 28

Someone shall pay

My iPod has been thieved, along with my leather jacket. And as you can imagine i want someone to pay in blood. Unfortunately, i know it will more than likely wind up being me having to shell out it ($$$). Why, oh why couldn't he have stolen someone else's jacket... Or even not have been an evil thieving bastard. Of course loving music as much as i do, this is very painful. I even picked up an el-cheapo mp3 player from work but i almost chucked that through a window after trying to use it for a day. Lousy Nogoodniks... Steal my sh*t, will ya...


秋の猫 said...

OMG~~!! Serial Killer in the making~~!!

Sorry to hear about your ipod though~~

Belinda said...

theiving s.o.b's are the worst kind of people. this photo just reminds me of the shinnig ver jack nicholson of you