Wednesday, September 27

Dream State

Several years ago, i lost the ability to dream. I know everyone tries to tell me that i just don't remember them. That is one thing about dreams, you can notice when your not having them. Sleep just isn't as fulfilling as it should be, i was finding myself waking up in a very restless mood almost every morning. It was only about a month back that i woke up in the morning with the realisation that i had been dreaming, and i have dreamt quite regularly since then. No i do not remember clearly what it is i dream about but i do wake up knowing that i have had a dream. Of course that also means that i have been generally sleeping better (So i'm not in a constant state of tired... for a change). So do you think it has something to do with the recent changes in my life? I wonder...
Also I recently discovered a website that i thought was worth metioning, it would send you one of their listed books in parts via email. That has now given me the chance to read a book that i doubt i otherwise would've even picked up 'Dream Psychology' by Sigmund Freud (interesting read as i am now a dreamer). Each part is about a page worth so how many parts depends on the size of the book for example Dream Psychology is in 57 parts, meaning i will get a new page every weekday for 57 days. I am sure that with some support the reading list will be expanded. So if you haven't got the time to read books check out DailyLit.

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Belinda said...

dreams are one of the amazing things that there is no solid explanation for, but they are inetersting and i think its all got to do with the subconcious. also with the new life style changes and such perhaps it is allowing you to get to the deeper stages of sleep, there are four stages each lasting a certain period of time, thats why yo can be woken so easily during the middle of the night if you are in a certain stage of sleep. also when talking about the subconcious coing into play it also makes me wonder about hypnosis...think about it.

damn me for paying so much attention in psychology