Sunday, September 3

Curve - Rich's Birthday

DSC_0069After leaving Porno Combo i headed up to Curve @ the Mandalay Room. It was Rich's birthday so i made sure that i didn't miss it. I showed up pretty late so the party had begun to die down a little. I hung around till Curve closed and then jumped a cab with Rich back over to Porno Combo so we could catch up with everyone over there (drinking high quality tequila on the ride)... But when we got there it had just closed and everyone had gone.
DSC_0095So we cabbed back over to The Vegas hotel to continue the night, wait i guess it's no longer the night once the sun has risen. So we carried on through the morning till we had to just go home and get some sleep. Fun night out.

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Belinda said...

another good night out for you then i see