Tuesday, September 26

Clubbing around the cross

Friday night i wasn't working, i just headed up to Kings Cross to catch up with some people. Of course when i got there i ran into Rich and his friend Bec, and we all headed over to check out The Bourbon and grab a few drinks (though we stopped by Moulin Rouge to get stamps so we wouldn't have any trouble later). After checking out the renovated upstairs club @ the bourbon, and being joined by Levi, we headed over to lepanic to check out Kat. After Kat had finished we all headed over to Moulin Rouge where they where celebrating Rouge Rocker's 1st Birthday (their saturday night club), so it was pretty packed inside of course having dropped by to get stamps earlier we had no problems getting in. Although you have to wonder what goes through some of these girls heads... This girl walks up to me, smiles, and asks as nicely as she can manage "Will you buy me a drink"... I just laughed... And she walked off to try someone else. After a while in Moulin we all started heading off, i dropped by Mandalay to pick up a few things and then jumped a cab home.

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Belinda said...

she asked you to buy her a drink...i dont know whats going on with people these days