Monday, September 18

Warehouse Party @ Redfern

I love going to these things, a bunch of fun people in an unlicensed venue listening to great music. One of the best features of these parties is that you can usually bring your own drinks. At this night they even had a performer come out onto the balcony to do a fire juggling and knife swallowing act. At some point during the night the girls (who had become bored of clubbing), came and joined us. I noticed that Jill's younger sister Steph was looking a little out of it so i found her a chair and gave her my jacket to keep warm. I kept an eye on her while i grabbed a few quick pic's of the night, well at least until Jillian came and took her home (apparently Steph had some guys buying drinks for her while they were out earlier, not bad for a 17yo). I think my favourite part of the night was getting to meet the gorgeous girl in the Ariel costume (damn!).


Belinda said...

what about the fire throwing man

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

What about him... He got a mention