Monday, September 18

Rich's BBQ

Got a call saturday arvo to get my arse over to Bondi Junction, with the promise of 3 to 1 odds on the female to male ratio who could resist. When i showed up Rich knocked up a fruit punch for us to take next door to the girls place. After a while everything was ready and we moved out the back to get the BBQ underway. We had a really good meal that night (best feed i've had in a while). But that chicken, i don't know what you did to it Rich but my god i'm still drooling for more. After we'd finished and tidied things up we all finished getting ready and the guy's went to a warehouse party, while the girls went for some clubbing.


Belinda said...

Why does it always come down to goos chicken?

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Cause chicken just straight out rocks.