Monday, September 11

Ralph Magazine Party

Friday night i was up at Mandalay Room taking photo's... Turns out Ralph Magazine were having a party up there... They were also filming hot girls in skimpy clothes dancing around for the upcoming Ralph DVD. Of course that gave me plenty of photo opportunities. I also managed to wind up hanging out with a few of the girls and some of the magazine staff. They even added me to their guest list so i could come to Moulin Rouge with them... Which of course i did. Then a couple of the girls wanted to go see a strip club, so graciously we took them into Dancers Cabaret for a little while. Of course we wound up back at one of the girls apartments in the early hours of the morning (proof in the photo below, for those who don't believe me). So yeah great night out, plus some excellent contacts made.

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Belinda said...

hahah good stuff