Monday, September 11

Friday Night

I was heading out to the city but wasn't definate where to go, i called Damien (Dirty D), to see if anything was on and he told me to come down to Chinese Laundry to hear some international act. So i headed over and waited in line for a while, after an hour i got bored and decided to just go somewhere else that i knew i could get in without hassle. Was on my way up to The Arthouse to check out J Smalls, but on the way i called Shea to see what she was up to... Turns out she was lost in Annandale, and being from melbourne had no idea where she was going.
So i jumped in a cab and raced over to find her. After a little while on the phone i managed to find her and we jumped a cab back to my place, where we just crashed on the couch and watched 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Shea's friend showed up a little while later and the two girls headed off together. Hey i'm just glad i was able to help her.


秋の猫 said...

Aaahh~~ Nice guy you are~~ And I love nice guys :D

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Why thankyou.
I do my best not to be a jerk.

Belinda said...

nothing says helping out a friend like watching napolean dynamite