Sunday, September 3

Jaywalker - CD launch party

DSC_0008Saturday night i spent up at the mandalay room taking photo's for the manager, up until about 3am. When the place had started to die down Rich called me to remind me about the Launch Party for Bryn and his brother Miles' new cd. So after i finished he met me downstairs and we drove out to Randwick for the house party.

DSC_0004We got there and the party was still going strong, unfortunately the music had to be turned down, but that was in no way stopping anyone from having fun. Rich walked into the kitchen and whipped out a bag of blood oranges + a bottle of gin. Excellent idea because by coming so late to the party there was nothing left to drink.
DSC_0002I wandered around the party and introduced myself to a few people i didn't know before settling myself down in the backyard circle for a chat. We hung out till pretty early in the morning before i finally started to give out and caught a cab back home. Christ it's been, yet another, big weekend for me but i think it's time to get some sleep in before i head to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I look trashed!!!
Hey, great party though!
the Brynstar

Belinda said...

gin and blood oranges, why wasnt i invited?