Monday, September 18

Earthdance 2006

I had an amazing time at the Earthdance Festival, which was held at Sydney Park in St Peters (As well as 249 other locations in 50 different countries). I got to hang out with some really fun people. Most of my day there was spent dancing on a hill near the trance stage. Though later in the night i relocated myself to the Reckless Spirit stage (house & electro) in front of a few thousand people (it helps knowing people who can get you backstage at these things). Earthdance was well worth the $2 donation i made to gain entry to the grounds. I made some really great friends that day.


Belinda said...

dancing like a nut on a grassy hill, sounds fun, but your weekends usually do. I myself am looking forward to the large dance fests coming up down my way but i know for a fact that i shall be paying more then $2 for it which sucks

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

You should've gone to Earthdance they had one in Melbourne too. It was held at 250 locations worldwide. Yeah, we've got some more festivals coming soon too, alot more than $2... But maybe i can get in as a photographer :)

Belinda said...

just maybe =)

秋の猫 said...

So nice~!! Earth Dance~~!!! Me Love Earth~~!!!

And yea, the pig I was refering to, it's the pink stuffed pink~~~ :D