Wednesday, April 5

Sydney Trains and Roast Dinner's

I got an invite to go for a roast dinner tonight. My housemate (Ian), invited me to go to his friends house in Revesby. So we got stuck on a train getting over there (Sydney's Public Transport suck's).
Ok all day i've been hanging for some MJ, so i managed to kill a bit of the ride listening to Liberian Girl, Give in to Me, Smooth Criminal , and some other great Jackson titles (on my iPod).
But anyway who'd have thought it'd be so mind numbingly boring sitting/standing on a train from Summer Hill to Central then having to change for another train to get to Padstow. Hell, at least we had a pretty good meal when we got there (beef, potato, and veg what more do you need oh yeah almost forgot gravy) oh yeah we managed to score a lift back as well which was much easier than Sydney trains again.
Now i'm just sitting about watching a bit of Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Ghostfiles, i haven't seen it before but it's pretty good. It's Ian's birthday tomorrow but we'll prob do something friday night because friday is Pay Day (Fuck I Love Money, respect it).

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