Saturday, April 8

Drunk on Soju

So we went to Seoul-Ria tonight (for Ian's birthday yesterday). It's a Korean restaurant... I had never eaten Korean before so wasn't sure what i was up for, but turn's out it was good. I had a dish called Teri Yaki (i'll give you one guess as to what that is). I felt like something interesting to drink so i chose Lemon Soju, they brought it out in a teapot (i looked inside and it was just clear liquid with lemon's floating in it), i tried a bit and it tasted like a really good vodka (even though it's rice based). So i managed to finish the teapot by myself and even now 4 hours later i am feeling the effects of it. I think i have a new favourite alcoholic beverage... Soju. Oh yeah, the restaurant was serving Gelato for dessert, a Korean restaurant serving Italian dessert's... Ok, am I the only one who thinks that's a bit weird? Oh well the food was pretty good.

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