Tuesday, April 18

Waiting for Beta List.

I was just looking over the list of site's i have my name down for BETA, there is a few i'm waiting for. Currently have no idea of when i get to use them. Anyway here they all are in no particular order.

-Fleck - Web Democracy
-OmniDrive - File Access anywhere anytime and from any platform.
-Plum - Collect share connect
-Colib - Your book's, music $ video's tagged
-Run Fat Boy - Easy to use workout system for beginners
-Diffbot - May cause you to change the way you use the web
-Makidi - Where you looking for me
-Tangler - Building the next generation in internet messaging
-Blurb - Start to finish publishing software
-Measure Map - Provides free, easy stats for your blog

So come on how about some idea's on when you'll be ready for use. Im dying to see what half of these apps can actually do.

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Tony Guntharp said...

I've sent you an invite to test out Omnidrive.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

fusion94 at omnidrive dot com