Wednesday, April 26

I'm Baack

Ok, after spending Tuesday night with Bec and jeren at their new place and sleeping in till 1pm the next afternoon, getting home late and going to bed i kinda missed a few posts. But it was worth it. I mean who doesn't like being alone in a house with two women. The only complaints i have where that they didn't have a fridge so i didn't get breakfast, the trainline being so close (and noisy), and the retarded child care next door that has someone screaming and banging on the walls a few times a day... Oh yeah and the total lack of proper shop's nearby, Not everyone eats kebabs (i guess it explains why it was so cheap). Other than that it is a nice place they have and it is good sized so they can fit all of their junk in, plus it's right near Arncliffe station (if that's a good thing).

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