Thursday, January 12

Back from holidays. Got a new House.

So i haven't posted in a while i know i've been incredibly slack, but hey i spent my holidays moving house. So currently don't have a net connection at home ('sob'), i had to come back up to work after hours to check my email and make a posting here.
Anyhoo this is my new house pretty 'innit (compared to the old apartment anyway). And you'll be jealous to know that the local shopping area starts about 10 meters away from my gate so i don't have to walk so far to do my shopping or to go out for dinner (there's about 10 restaurants within 2 minutes of my new house). There is a backyard (yay) so Emma and Missy have been enjoying things more.
And holy shit you'll never believe who owns a store around the corner from me, if you're about the same age as me you probably grew up watching her. 'Monica Trapaga', yes she was the chick from Play School (second best childrens show ever, beaten only by Seasame St). I gotta get try and get a photo with her, you kow for shits and giggles. If i manage to get one i'll have to post it.
Anyway, other than the move not alot of new stuff has really happened to me. Let's see i started with a new psychologist (yeah im one of those depressed ppl's you hear about), still haven't met anyone although there is someone i'd like to ask out but after all the shit i've been through over the last few years i have alot of trouble initiating relationships. I guess that's why the only friends i really have are my friend Daniel (best mate since about '98), and his partner.
Ok, it's almost 8 now, i finished work at 5. I gotta go get some dinner and feed my girls before they decide to try and eat each other.

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