Friday, April 21

McDonald's hamburger recipes

Why bother ever eating at McDonald's again, when you can make your own. With some original style recipes for McDonald's food. You know you want some homemade Quarter Pounders.

"Searing The Beef Patties
A very important step to recreating the McDonald's burger flavor is searing them properly. Searing is the process of applying pressure to the frozen patties as they cook on the griddle. This is done about 20 seconds after laying the patties on the grill by pressing down with the back of a spatula, while adding pressure from your free hand. Press down firmly for about 2-3 seconds on regular sized patties, and 5-6 seconds on quarter pound patties. Searing seals in the juices and flavors. But it also makes the burger hard to turn. Properly seared patties will stick to the griddle, and you must actually "cut" the meat off of the surface as you turn them. Non-stick surfaces help, but they also make it hard to get the even dark searing you need for great McBurgers. I suggest a cooking surface that is not non-stick... and a very strong, sharp spatula."

Directions straight from the site.

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