Saturday, April 22

Further proof on my pets

See, here is just more evidence that my pets are acting strange. Here is Jeren pratically asleep on my couch with Missy next to her head and Emma curled up near her arse. I mean what the hell. Only two weeks ago, Emma would start barking at jeren if she got too close. Now look at them. I can't get over it, with my old roomate she never got used to him (even after 6 months) Emma would go off at him everytime he walked past, but it turned out she was right and he was a freaking weirdo. Hopefully it's because these are nice people, i may have some decent new friends. Oh and incase anyone is wondering, that is my butt you can see on the right so really Jeren is surrounded by animals (Cat, Dog, & SexyNinjaMonkey)

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