Monday, April 17

Sydney Royal Easter show today!!

So we made it to the easter show today... My god, is it just me or has the Sydney Royal easter Show progressively got worse over the last six or seven years. Ok, when your 5 the animal's are interesting, up until about 14-15 the showbag pavillion can be a great source of fun, But they haven't got a whole lot of stuff to cover 17 and up really. I wound up wandering around for a few hours looking at things. Not alot to really see (except for lots of incredibly attractive women). I only picked up one showbag (Darrell Lea 'Pig Out' Bag). I managed to score some cheap perfume as well, 'Success' an alternative to Hugo Boss, and for only $5 (and it smells good too, not just like alcohol and musk, lol). But as i was saying the show was really designed for children and the agriculturally minded. But hey at least it had a pony ride.

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