Tuesday, April 18

Neopets, what an addiction that was.

So did anyone actually miss the whole neopets addiction? I remember about 4-5 years back, playing games to score neopoints, so that i could spend them in the neopian shop's on my neopet 'Bloodwarrior' (He was a lupe, a cool wolf like creature). Amazing how long you can spend exploring neopia to find new games and solve clues to get new items that my neopet could play with or use. They even stretched it out to the neopian stock exchange where people could use their np's to buy and sell share's in neopet's based companies (rotfl). But christ it was big, i'm sure they'd have close to a billion users by now. Great for ages 6-16 but for anyone else it can be a little tedious. But the guy who came up with this is a genius he now has advertiser's galore paying him piles of cash, there was even a playstation game, and supposedly something about a tv series. Doesn't it make you sick, why can't i have that money.

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