Wednesday, August 9

Visit to the Dentist

DSC_0001I had to go to the dentist today. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Luckily nothing was done today... Unluckily I have to go back in soon and have at least 3 teeth removed as well as get 2 fillings. For someone who hasn't been to the dentist in about 10 years that's not a bad finding. Hey, the teeth being removed are just wisdom teeth that have grown through too far and are causing me some pain. I can't eat properly at the moment because it hurts, so the sooner it comes out the better. However while sitting in the waiting room beforehand I did happen to notice one of the most bizarre 'no smoking' signs I have ever seen in my life.

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Belinda said...

i think the sign would we more threatenting if they actually did, might encourgae people to stop killing themselves....very crule but hey i dont think people who extract lung cancer through passive smoking will mind helping with the torturre preparations