Tuesday, August 15

Alley Drunks

DSC_0030We were on our way to go and see Strange Karma up at Oxford St on Sunday night... but seeing as we were rather early... wound up drunk in the alley. Hey were else were we meant to go. Christ i even let this crazy bastard talk me into getting 'Passion Pop', i had never had that crap before, and never will again. Hey we made it to the gig on time, stumbled our drunk arses in there and let everyone know we had arrived.
-Oh yeah i almost forgot, we even managed to migrate between about two different alleways. As well as scare the crap out of an asian guy emptying the bins.


Belinda said...

you sexy sexy beasts! good times were had by all then, excpet for the scraed asians of course

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I'm glad someone noticed how freaking hot we were looking ;)

Belinda said...

anytime lol, very sexy!