Sunday, August 20

Another Curvy weekend

DSC_0037Headed up to Mandalay Room @ Kings Cross for Curve. It is always a great night out. I keep mentioning the cheap drinks in my posts, but really that doesn't mean alot to most people. Just look at this drink... It's called a 'One Inch punch', can't remember exacly what was in it but i know it has a shot of absinthe as well as a couple of other shots mixed in, rimmed with sugar and served with a grape. It only cost me $7, now that's what i call good prices. The added bonus was it tasted great.
DSC_0148Of course the night just wouldn't be complete without great music. Up on the decks once more we had Rich Nicol, Levi5Star, JBY, J Smalls, & Brynstar. Michelle was up there giving us some grooving vocals, and Haydn was just so hot on guitar that night he had to be kept caged during his performance.
DSC_0157The night raged on hard until the early hours of the morning when everyone had to go home. Of course we weren't quite finished for the night, so i ended up going back with Haydn to drink a bit of wine. Hung out till about 7, then caught a cab home. Of course had too much to do on saturday so didn't get any sleep until sunday morning. But hey, i'm not complaining, i had a great weekend.
DSC_0024I hope to see everyone down @ Mandalay room this friday night. 54 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. Get in free before 11 - $10 after. And don't forget to try a 'One Inch Punch' (Recommended by yours truly). Hope to see everyone there.


秋の猫 said...

*envious* me wanna go to the clubs~~!!

And that guy behind the bars, playing guitar? :D

Belinda said...

you always seem to have great weekends, and especially on the low budget like me YAY!

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

You girls should come to Sydney and go clubbing with me.
Yeah the guy behind the bars is playing guitar, he's the one i was drinking wine with. I did spend a little more than i had intended that night but still not too bad.

Q - 60's girl said...

nice photos Luke! i will be down there shortly - and in Darlinghurst for my Buddhist themed tattoo... and i am sure there will be lots of par-taying on till the early hours with my friend, you gotta love Sydney, but i best leave the drinking to you :)