Sunday, August 6

Crazy f**king acid trip weekend

Max is passed out on my couch, hardcore porno playing on the set...
It's f**king 5.35 in the morning I have had less than 4hrs sleep since i finished work on friday and i cannot for the life of me get to sleep. This has just been such a night and i seriously don't know where to start on it...
I was supposed to be meeting up with some people at newtown which fell through and wound up with me going to an amazing party at a Squatters den in Newtown with adam a guy who i have not gone out with in sometime... I will come back to that later... anyway, we wandered into this place through the wardrobe... and chilled at a great party with lots of cool people, the place was an awesome venue with dj's and live music.
I left early cause i wanted to go and see my boy Max who had made his way back into the city... and because bottle shops close at 12pm. So we made it to Charlie Chan's in the city just before they closed and grabbed another bottle of vodka. Then we headed up towards the Lansdowne where i knew there would be more people. We get there and everything was going great
until we noticed Adam had gone out of control he was actually forcing people to drink his goon wine, i mean he grabbed their heads and poured it down their throat or over their face. Then he starts abusing some guy we were talking with, he spits all over the poor guy and then tries to brawl with him. Of course he got his arse kicked and he deserved it. A group of four of took him aside and told him not to pull that shit, tried to calm him down... so he throws a bottle...
At that point we were like Adam... Who the hell is He????
I warned him before we cant deal with that. It has a bad affect on our image. So we left him to enjoy being chased off by security. He is lucky that no one got seriously hurt.

After all that died down and we had offered to buy beers for the bloke who adam had attacked. We could finally chill. We got to hang out there for an hour with warren and rachael and some kiwi bloke who was giving us a speech on how fighting is good for the soul (or some really random sh*t like that). Then after they closed that place down Maxie and i figured we'd wind up back at my place for a drink and a smoke.
So yeah here we are, Max passed out on the couch... Me stranded awake but alone... Even emma is asleep. The tv has shut itself off. The computer still sits here humming. But i just can't seem to turn my mind off right now... I wonder why... Crazy f**king acid trip weekend



Belinda said...

thats awesome and insane at the same time, i miss weekends like that =(

Rachael said...

I still have a bloody headache from all the beer kiwi steve brought us... argh

秋の猫 said...

aahh~~ I miss those days when I was in Australia~~!!

Loved Vodka :D