Sunday, August 27

Marquee for Ronnie's 18th

DSC_0012After Cave Clan i headed up to Marquee for 'Back in the day' and Ronnie's 18th. I showed up about midnight and had a quick drink out the front with Maxi and Will. But then figured we should go see how Ronnie was holding up, we found him inside using the pool table to stand up (he had started drinking around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, just look at the pic below Ronnie's the one in the middle). We managed to lose Ronnie at some point... apparently he had wandered off to Newtown or something. We hung around for a bit, luckily cause we got to see Will... drunk... dancing in a cage. He requested i post all of the photo's i took on his myspace... Now would i turn down a drunken request like that. We wound up at Macca's around 2.30 in the morning for a feed, then headed off on a long walk.

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Belinda said...

the photos are...interesting to say the least, good times must have geen had though