Sunday, August 13

Strange Karma @ The Marquee

Thursday night was another great event at The Marquee in Camperdown. This venue seems to have really good effect on the quality of a band. The sound and the lighting are usually very well managed which really adds to the effect of a gig. I am glad it has now become pretty much a monthly venue for Strange Karma as they always put on amazing shows everytime we come.


Belinda said...

its always good when a band can preform well even when live, i loved the foo fighters and stuff, but neevr seen them in concert till last year and it was amazinng, what they do live is so good, the radio and tv does them no justice!

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Foo Fighters, god i love how they support 'alive and well' a charity organisation that seeks to disprove, medically proven facts about the existence of HIV... Good music but retarded ideals.