Sunday, August 13


DSC_0067Curve last friday night at The Mandalay Room was unbelievable. The night was made supreme with the funkalicious music stylings of Rich Nicol (Cuban Funk Syndicate), Dirty D, Levi 5 Star and who could forget the Brynstar. The night was topped off with some incredible live music from Haydn with his blazing guitar tunes and Michelle's vocals making us dance.
Apparently the nude camels had to be cancelled due to new animal husbandry laws being introduced. The Siberian jellyfish were under siege and unable to attend and small furry rodents from Neptune and Pluto were held up due to terrorist attacks on trains between Saturn and Uranus. But not to worry i have word that next week appearing live we've got yoghurt manufacturing dwarf pygmies plus fluorescent single celled organisms sprinkled throughout the air conditioning system. Sounds like it will be a good night.
So come one come all this friday night to 54 Oxford st. Entry is free before 11, $10 afterwards. Drinks are cheap and they have a great selection of cocktails up there (trust me on that). Oh and best of all there will be caged dancers.


Belinda said...

you got to love the crazy good nights out when you check ut a new place

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

New places are great and all, but curve is so good that i have only missed it once since they started just over a month ago.