Wednesday, August 16

Strange Karma @ Spectrum

DSC_0093Sunday night and we were back up at Spectrum on Oxford St for Strange Karma, who were opening for The Loves. After our drinking session in the alley I was pretty blasted when i wandered in but i managed to take some pre-show pics of everyone bumming around on the couches having a drink.
Of course i managed to keep myself stable enough for some more pics of the guys in their kinda short, but no less awesome, gig. Straight afterwards The Loves were up on stage showing off their rock stylings. Afterwards we hung out with the Karma boys for a bit before everyone had to pack up and head home. I'f you'd like you can check out more of my Strange Karma photo's from this gig here i also took a few pics of The Loves you can see here.


Belinda said...

im starting to get the impressiont ht you like strange karma, but hey thats just me, hehehe =P

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

H'mmm... You know what i think you may be onto something there.