Tuesday, February 20

Snoop Dogg @ Good Vibes & Brag Shoots

Saturday was spent at Good Vibrations Festival in Centennial Park, as most festivals are it was an awesome day. I went with my friend's Sam, Dee & Heywire... But walked off shortly after getting there and went around meeting up with heaps of other people. I even met up with an old friend Mark Russell (who i used to be in cub scouts with when we were like 10), spent half the day with new friends, ran into lots of my regular party animal friends, and then rejoined with my crew at the end of the day. But what really went off was when Snoop Dogg made his appearance, now i'm not a big Hip-Hop fan but come on, It's the Dogg. He even managed to get someone to toss him a blunt on stage so he could have a smoke. After the show i dropped back to Sam's for a bit before heading out to the clubs for the night to do my Brag shoots. This week i had the Starf*ckers UV Rave down @ Club 77, Great Vibrations @ Candy's Apartment, Beware Of The Cat @ YU, & Moulin Nights @ Moulin Rouge. And every single one was a sweat box , overpacked with people still wanting to carry on the party after having been at Good Vibes. Club 77 was actually soo bad i only spent like 2mins cause i was worried about moisture in my camera, hell to get in there i had to talk my way in, police had stopped them from letting anyone in due to too many people inside...


Belinda said...

your so luck i really wanted to see snoop whiklst he was heer but didnt get the oppertunity to do so so yeah bummed about that the photos look awesome by the way

zzzaaapppme said...

awsome photos mate!!
Howz life???

秋の猫 said...

hmm~~ doggie~~ nice~ :D