Thursday, February 8

House Parties are always fun

Went to Penny's housewarming last saturday arvo, and it was well worth it great food, great people, jelly shots & jelly wrestling ;) No joke i have pictures (if you happen to be a softcore porn company interested in buying the pictures just contact me via email). Anyway, after spending most of my evening there i was taken up to another house party in Kings Cross by my gorgeous friend Aliya. This one was up in a decent sized apartment above the streets of the cross. I was only able to stay for a little while as i still had a few shoots to do for Brag.


Belinda said...

you know there are good times when you see cookie monster piniata around.

the chicadee with the tatts is awesome, and apparently those are the most painful places to get it done, i know cause i asked the guy when i was getting mine done

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Yeah, i dig tattoos. Whenever i see a good one i stop to take a photo of it. Sometimes people look at me weirdly when i ask, but usually are fine when i tell them what it's for.