Thursday, February 15

Redfern Riots Anniversary

I was dropping around to see my friend yesterday and as i stepped out of Redfern station i saw a whole group of Aboriginals standing outside the police station with flags, banners and screaming protests. It was the anniversary of the Redfern riots, the riot that broke out due to the death of 17yo T.J. Hickey, originally blamed on police but an inquest proved otherwise. Of course today, most of the Aboriginals living in Redfern's 'The Block' still blame the police and gather yearly to remember the day with protests.
Afterwards, i kinda just wandered around taking photo's randomly for a while. Here's some of the better ones i took during the day. Oh and if you haven't noticed, i'm single so i don't celebrate valentines day... I hope you all choke on those chocolates (bitter singleness coming out).

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