Wednesday, February 14

Dirty Double & Dawn over Oxford St

Because i was soo late getting home on saturday, i wound up sleeping till about 8pm, then leaving the house around 11.30. Saturday night i only really had on one shoot, I was taking pics for 'Dirty Double' the DJ duo up at Havana on Oxford St. Afterwards, i dropped by Brighton Bar afterwards to hang with Maxi, Kate, Willis & the rest of the rockers for a while. We wound up going for a bit of a pub crawl and until about 5-5.30 when i met up with Heywire and we made our way over to Spice @ Kings Cross. On the way i was stopped by a lady who was pointing out how nice the sky looked... So i pulled out my camera and took a couple of Snaps. We spent a chunk of the morning at Spice before heading back to Sam & Heywire's place where we polished off 2 bottles of wine. Then at about 1pm, i was picked up by my parrents to go to a photo exhibition (while still somewhat trashed... wearing a flashy purple shirt & dark glasses).

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