Thursday, February 8

Live show's this week.

On Monday i was tipped off that Evanescence where going to be playing at a filming for MTV's The Lair... now i don't really like the band (frankly i think they're a bad Lacuna Coil rip... plus the lead singer from Lacuna Coil, Christina Scabbia, is much hotter than the chick from Evanescence). Anyway, i was just going cause of a particular statement in the notice i saw... "Free Booze"... I was sold. Unfortunately, no cameras allowed so had to keep it in my bag. But that just meant more time to enjoy the free Jager and Red Bulls. Afterwards i wound up going for a drink with 2 Swedish guy's and an English guy who i met at the show, we went for a couple of J's after that too... trust me to meet the smokers.
Tuesday was kind of quiet, but on Wednesday i was up at The Annandale Hotel for J├Ąger Uprising. They had on Talons, Beau Monde & The Wireflys... Yes, you guessed it, i was there for Beau Monde. And as usual they girls had an amazing live show. Looking forward to their next gig at Candy's.


Belinda said...

mm free jagger is always good,

Julee said...

ohh, the second pic, naughty! Looks like a good gig :)
Free booze is always good!