Tuesday, February 27

America's Most Wanted

Last friday i was out at Sydney Olympic Park for 'America's Most Wanted' Hip-Hop tour. Was actually on the door for saturday night, but had to be elsewhere on saturday. So i showed up and managed to b/s my way in. Just took a phone call and some talking to security and the door guys. But once inside i discovered a pretty small crowd... Much smaller than you'd be expecting with the acts that were playing. Come on, i mean 'Bone Thugs & Harmony' and 'Tha Dogg Pound'... I swear there were more diamonds at this concert than you'd find in an overpriced boutique jewellery store. Oh well, even though the crowd was relatively small (due to the location and starting time of 7pm mainly), it was a pretty good show. I even got to spend a little time backstage because my friend Heywire Beatbox was one of the supporting acts.

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KrazyKryta said...

Did you like my handsome banner "FREE FLESH" nice art work hey... I threw it up on stage at the concert Friday night.. Should let me back stage to smoke weed with bone that shit would be sweet.