Wednesday, February 14

5 Shoots For Brag

So last friday was pretty full-on. Wound up doing 5 shoots for brag. First stop was at The Annandale Hotel for some indie rock. Then it was onto The Lewisham Hotel for 'AbductionX', a death metal night (though the music there was just too angry for me... Yes i know i listened to that stuff all the way through high-school, but i just can't handle it anymore. Don't get me wrong i still like heavy metal, but death metal is just really violent music). After all that it was off to Kings Cross for a couple more shoots. I knocked The World Bar & Melt Bar out of the way quickly before heading down to The Brighton Bar on Oxford St to catch up with friends (and to see Shea before she wen't back to Melbourne). After that i went back up to The Cross to take some pic's at Parliament. Unfortunately, there weren't many people and the venue closed early. Oh well, because of the early closing we wound up going back to my friends place to Kick-on. I didn't actually get home till around 1.00pm saturday arvo.

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