Tuesday, February 20

The Lair Then a Burlesque Club

Went to MTV's The Lair again last week, and of course wasn't allowed to take photo's again... So here's some dead plants i took a picture of on the way there. It was fun, they had Something for Kate, Bliss N Eso, Children Colide, & Fait Accompli... and as always free jager and red bull ;P
Friday night i actually shot a Burlesque club, it was for the opening of a new photography website ShotWithDesire.com. It was a lot of fun and i got some funky pics out of it. There were live performances by Glita Supernova and Sex Intents the Gurlesque show (Lesbian stripshow), Mz Anne Thropik, Pluto Savage, Celia Curtis, Bone Daddy, Cop It Sweet The Tranny Cop Army, Kelly Doll, Man Jam Performers, Scarlet Fever, and possibly even some more in there. But yeah, pretty good night with some great shows.


Belinda said...

i cant make out what the second last photo is so please tell me..but it also be because i have been sitting at this comp desk for far to long lol and my new glasses are stilll settling in

Julee said...

the third pic looks scary :(