Wednesday, May 23

Don't worry I'm not dead!!

Yes, i have been off line for some time now and thought i should drop an update for my readers. During the last month or so alot has happened... Lot's of parties (as usual), plus some good as well as alot of bad.
Of all the parties i've been to since my last post there where 2 that stand out over the rest, The Playground Weekender (a 3 day camping festival) & Smirnoff Experience (a secret party all at Smirnoffs expense... Soo much free vodka, Yay!!!).
On the other side of things i started working in a kitchen (thanks for that Tim), and lost the job due to my complete incompetence with cooking & cleaning (sorry to have to tell you that girls, hey at least i have other qualities). But i managed to score myself a new job working for the NAB (National Australia Bank), i'm working as a banker in their call centre still currently finishing my training program with them but we started taking our first phone calls earlier today. It's a good job with some great benefits, nice people (and good pay of course).
During all of this something happened to me that greatly upset me... One night while going out to see a band i was drugged and robbed... They took my camera and my iPod, without music or photo's my life has seemed empty (anyone who has read my blog can probably tell this already). But i may be getting a loan to replace the camera this weekend, i cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Hopefully i should be back up online real soon, i've got a lot of blogs to read (sorry if you own one of the blogs i comment on regularly, i've got a lot of comments to put up), posts to make, and photo's to upload. So keep an eye on this page and i'll update as i get more info.
Much love to all my readers.
The SexyNinjaMonkey Is Not Dead!!!


Belinda said...

well glad to hear from you and know that you are not infact dead *phew*.
bummer about being drugged and robbed that'd suck so muhc..i get pissy when i lose monies and stuff i need, bnut having it taken is something far worse....especailly if they'd drug you with something that could really mess you up..but your fae and thats the main things...and this is also why you get insurance

your not working with the photo people anymore (yes i fogrget the company name im only human) dont worrry about responses and stuff so long as you are alive and kicking..although it would be nice to knwo that at least!

Belinda said...