Sunday, December 17

Zhenya's Birthday

Saturday night was spent up at Zhenya's for her 25th birthday, we had dj's set up in the loungeroom and people scattered around the apartment. On the decks we had Jay Smalls and Sam Serene plus for her debut performance, Zhenya. Great party, good music, fun people. What more could you want in a house party.
We even got a visit from little Sabi during the party. I think he loved the attention he was getting from the animal lovers at the party.... Yes that is me sitting on the floor playing with the dog.
This went all night until around 3 or 4 when everyone went for a walk to go clubbing, i caught up with a friend Alaena and took her up to Spice for a bit so she could check it out. I got lucky and scored a lift home too, no buses for me this morning.


Belinda said...

happy bday to your friend, aww puppy, your friends tatt is cool, took me a while to read though lol but im blind so

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Puppy, Sabi was a 7yo. It's actually his last name... It's written like that so that if flipped over the word reads the same. Of course it's unfinished it is only an outline at the moment.