Wednesday, December 13

Orientation Day

So i went for an orientation day with the company i now work for, Magic Memories, and talk about an orientation... We started the day with a Jet Boat ride around the harbour (hopefully a photo will be coming of that shortly), then up to 'Bubbles' a Champagne bar overlooking Circular Quay to talk more about what we'll be doing and give us a better idea of what's required in the job.
For lunch we took a break and wen't down to the Lenin bar... Lemon Vodka battered fish and chips with tartare sauce, yum.
After lunch we wen't back up to Bubbles to finish up a few things... Once everything was sorted it was on to Minus 5° (Sydney's Ice Bar) to down a few vodka's in a room that was actually -16°... so that the ice glasses, furniture and sculptures would not melt. Yes we had to wear big furry coats and gloves to actually go in, plus they would not let you in for more than like 30 minute periods (for obvious reasons).
A few of us headed back downstairs to Lenin for a few drinks before leaving. Afterward's i headed up to The Cross for my promotions meeting and drank some more before finally heading home... While i was up at Kings Cross i couldn't help myself but take a few photo's.


Belinda said...

thats so cool...literally in the minus five case (lame but i couldnt help myself) the photos looking pretty good, glad that its going well so far

the photos i take always come from my phone, so considering that i think they arent to shabby, but i should invest in a camera

you artists with your fancy camera mumbojumbo, i kid i kid thanks doll

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I agree your photo's are good... But imagine how much better they could be with a proper camera in your hands. You may even start to enjoy taking photo's as much as i do. Properly capturing the moment is quite fun.