Sunday, December 17

Katwalk @ EQ

Back up to Equilibrium on Friday to take pic's for Catch22, John Glover was rocking the decks when i got in. Wound up at some point with some guy showing off his tat's couldn't help but take some pictures...
Afterwards, i scored a lift up to Kings Cross and dropped by the Cross to see how Parliament where going with their night. Wound up heading home about 2am cause i had to be at work by 9am saturday morning.


Belinda said...

love that guys sleeve, its so cool, looks fake cause the colour is amazing, must be still fresh

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

It was about a a year or two old i think he said. He would've to a proper tattoo artist, if done properly tattoos can last for years with good colour. Plus he had light skin... good for showing colours better.