Monday, December 11

The Potbelleez at OneLove

Went up to Tank nightclub on saturday for OneLove & to see The Potbelleez rock the joint up. They had a Jammin set, with excellent vocal support from MC Blu.
Of course afterwards, i dropped by Moulin Rouge for some more Potbelleez... Then down to Spice for some more Potbelleez.... They are good djs, with their Junkyard styling they are perfect for trashbags. While up at Spice i wasn't working, but did take a couple of pics... Like this one here with Jaden & Jaden (The two on the right).
Made it home pretty late on sunday morning and wound up hanging with Emma... As usual.


Belinda said...

fav photo would be the one up top on the right, it ust looks so good

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Was my fave too...