Thursday, December 14

Orientation Day Part 2

Started off the day going up Sydney tower to see the view our customers would be going up for. I had never actually been up Sydney tower before and was suprised at how nicve the view of Sydney was. Then we spent a bit of the day going through the contract and covering some work related things. Dropped by subway's for lunch and then went down to Darling harbour to see Wildlife World...
After that we were taken to the Sydney Aquarium, And i got more photo's...
Then finally back up to our new office at the podium level of Sydney Tower, where we sorted our new uniforms before going down for drinks at a rooftop bar nearby.


Julee said...

Love your pictures! Like the crocodile pic the most :)

Belinda said...

the acquarium ones are awesome esp the jelly fish one, the rest are great too, so hows the oreitntation going anyway? you loving it?

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Thanks for the compliments. Yeah it was pretty fun, it's nice to work for a decent company.
And Julee, that croc pic was harder to get than it looks... Took me a few tries to get the settings right so the reflection would cover the water and you could only see the part of the head above the water.