Sunday, December 3

Too much walking

Spent half the day running around with Sam, checking the record stores, grabbing thai for lunch, and even wound up at Redfern park at some point in the arvo (that's where i took the pic above). Wound up staying out later than intended and having to bolt home so i could get ready. Got picked up by a friend and given a lift to the city.
First stop for the night was EQ for Katwalk. The Potbelleez were already rocking the joint by the time i got there. Managed to get some pretty funky pics before walking down to Tank.
Tank actually had on a special 5hr set from Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, and apparently most of Sydney's club scene was there to see it. Just check out the crowd in my pics it was hectic in there. Also, some awesome tunes coming from the duo on the decks.
I dropped by the cross but didn't take any pic's... I wanted to get down to Moulin Rouge, where i got to dance and hang out with my friends while taking photo's. Managed to even survive the heat down there until around 6am. God it will be great when they get the airconditioner fixed. There are plenty more photo's from the night, just check them out on inthemix. And as the title suggests my feet are sore, as i had to walk between all of these clubs...


Belinda said...

you dont know what sore feet are until you've done what you did in heels

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Yeah, most girls would prob give up and catch a cab... about 3hrs of walking between clubs would destroy most people.