Sunday, December 3

Lookin' Good & Spice

Time had come for the monthly installment of Lookin' Good, so we all headed down to the back room there to see J Smalls and Sam Serene rocking the decks. There was more djs in the main room, but i was trashed and didn't give a crap who else was playing. Some chick from uk was hanging with us for a bit, and at one point walked off leaving a flower on my arm, but hey she gave us free champagne so no complaints. We stayed there until the end of Sam's set around 5am and then headed up to Spice.
I wasn't working this night, just taking a few pics of my friends... Ran into Rich at Spice (haven't seem him out much lately). But see the three gorgeous girls i was hanging out with most of the night... You know your jealous. Gotta love those trashy nights out.


Anonymous said...

very lovely ladies if i do say so myself, you trashed little man lol =)

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Oh hell yeah, that brunette was the bomb.

Belinda said...

hahah nice