Tuesday, January 23

Sunday Mornings

So alot of people spend their sunday mornings in bed or watching tv, or just doing some lazy gardening... I'm usually still out clubbing or trashbagging in some random place. This last sunday was no different. Was at Pure Pleasure @ Bar Broadway until about 1.30-2am taking pic's for Ange.
Stopped at Brighton along the way to catch up with my boy Maxi and had to get a photo of Heywire with Avalon looking goony goth style.
After having a good laugh at Avalon, we continued our journey to Kings Cross to go to Moulin Rouge. We spent a couple more hours hanging there before we went back home to kill the rest of the morning watching crap on tv.
Made it back to my place around 8am, but then i went to my friend Therese's for a Wine breakfast and to take some photo's for her, her apartment was slightly damaged by movers and she wanted photographic evidence. Wound up not actually get any sleep till sunday night.


Belinda said...

my fav photo is of the juggler my question is..why was there a juggler?

Julee said...

I like the third last picture, sounds like a busy sunday to me! :)

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

B, if you were trippin' off your scone (like most ppl in the club), i'm sure you would've enjoyed the juggler with glowing balls too. But yeah i dug that pic... Thanks Julee. And Jules, it was actually kind of a quiet weekend, I've had much busier ones.