Friday, January 19


Walked out my front door to see my cat giving me a sly look, when i noticed she had cornered this poor little mousey. When i say little, i mean 'Miniscule'. I took a photo of it next to my Yellow Page's, so at least anyone living in sydney can have an idea of the size of the tiny dude.
So i chased away my Cat and caught the mouse in a box and gave it some food and water and kept it safe until it was dark enough for it to make it's escape. I hope it got back to it's home... Anyway, during the day i came across some interesting artwork on the back of the convenience store near me and as i like to do... photographed it.


zzzaaapppme said...

I only left that comment..1hour ago...ou live in australia right
. Are u happy u beat england in the ashes and ireland in international rules...I amnt!!!
hehe..i am irish
kool pictures..good post

Belinda said...

aww the mouse was teeny so cute, its a ncie thing you did for it.

you always find the most interesting things around dont must have an eye for it. a very talented young man indeed

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I couldn't help it, the little thing was just so god damn cute.
It's easy to find things just always be looking... Some friends occasionally ask me why i'm always looking around erratically... It's cause i'm looking for shots. And always have your camera ready.