Tuesday, January 2

New Years Day 2007

So about 3am we arrived at Darlingharbour to find a large gate with police only letting through people holding tickets for parties within the gates. Took a bit of work, but i discovered that the glass doors near the cab rank outside Home were open so made it in to the harbour that way and picked up my ticket from Sam. I even managed to score an extra ticket so that i could bring along Rich, i had to run it back upto the gate to get him through. The boat set sail around 4am. Picture this, some of Sydney's biggest party animals floating around the harbour listening to some of the funkiest electro beats while completely trashed... Put simply an awesome boat party.
After the cruise a few of us posed for a group shot at the cafe across the road from the wharf, before dropping back to one house or another...
Rich and I wound up back at Kat's for drinks... Then we left, Rich back home for sleep and me over to Timmy's for more drinks and to get ready for Field Day. Unfortunately i didn'y have a ticket and was unable to Blag my way in... So just wound up sitting on the steps of the art gallery listening to the tunes and chatting with other ticketless randoms wandering around. Still had a great day and didn't manage to get home until 10pm monday night. So yeah, as you can imagine i was still pretty retarded when i got to work on Tuesday... Well, at least i got the Monday off.


Belinda said...

glad you had so much fun, i'd love to go on a crazy all nighter adventure like that but it seems that im the only one of my friends who can party for that long these days, but who know i may have a huge adventure soon

awesome photos doll as always glad the new years is off to a great start for you

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

if you want a huge adventure come an stay with me for a weekend... We'll see what kind of bizarre trashy adventures we can come up with.