Monday, January 15

Hospital breakout

Friday night Katwalk was nice and packed so i was able to get some funky pics.
After leaving Eq, i wound up wandering through the city taking photo's and hooking up with Timmy for a drink... Tim had spent the last 5 days in Hospital with drips attached (his eye lid had almost exploded from blocked tear ducts). So he told the nurse he was going for a ciggie, then bolted to meet me and we walked around for a little while before the nurse called him, sounding kinda pissed off.
I dropped by Kings Cross afterwards, but not alot was happening so i went back home.


zzzaaapppme said...

I am sorry I never replyed..
too your commet...Ill check out that song..thanks!!
nice blogger..Kool post.?

see yeah..leave a comment..too tell me you got this

Belinda said...

his eye lid nearly exploded? thats awful...and so painful...if he had sneezed his eye would have come out...its physically impsosible to sneeze with ur eyes open

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

No i think he was safe from his eyes falling out midsneeze... He could hardly even open his eye for a few days due to swelling. He's out now, i haven't seen him yet but hopefully it's healed cause it looked gruesome last time i saw it.