Monday, January 1

New Years Eve 2007

Alright, i had a f*cking amazing New Years. I'm sorry for anyone who didn't enjoy the night as i know how it feels, i was suffering depression during my last few NYE's and started hating holidays. Anyways all that is behind me and i had the best New Years ever (Second place would be the one i spent hanging out with my 2 best friends at the time. We sat on top of a hill watching fireworks from four directions, i think i was 16 or 17).
So this NYE i was actually doing some work taking photo's for The Brag, which was excellent as i had a grand total of $50 for the night. I took my friend Rich Nicol out as my +1 for the night as he had been late making plans and alot of places were sold out. Our first stop for the night was The Blacket for Chris Coco & Malente. Access to the VIP area and free drinks are always a good start to the night.
Our next stop was Cargo Bar where Hed Kandi where playing a live set... Unfortunately due to timing we weren't able to see them play. But we did get to see Katherine Ly rocking things up, and looking sexy, onstage with The Potbelleez and MC Blu. Plus we got to see part of the fireworks.
After Cargo it was on to Tank, where Mousse T was playing a live set in the main room. Nice guy, he even posed for a photo with me :)

About 2.30am we walked back down to Darling Harbour to the pick-up point for Spice Afloat. Oh and to finish my NYE post, here are a few pics i took of people wandering the streets throughout the night. Happy New Years everyone.


Belinda said...

much new years love your way doll

i had the best new years i could ever have hoped for and the best one in my life

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Sounds like a common thing this year... Well except for my friend kate who's medication didn't go well with the booze and she found herself wandering around the middle of nowhere alone at some point in the night... Fun, fun.